The best way to prevent your property from being infested with LFAs is to not bring them home!  Little Fire Ants are “hitch-hikers”- you can bring them home in potted plants, mulch, cinders, foliage, and in nearly any organic matter. So before you bring any of these items home check them first with a peanut butter chopstick. With large loads of mulch or cinders, create a quarantine area, away from trees, buildings, or potted plants where you can apply a barrier method. If you drive or walk through known infested areas regularly, again, create a quarantine area away from trees and buildings where you can apply a barrier method to maximize protecting your property.

Economic Impact

Hawaii State Summary 2015


An initial survey and assessment of your property is required for us to understand and evaluate your particular LFA situation. In this initial consultation (starting at $50 up to 1 acre),  Our Fire Ants Hawaii Specialist will survey your property to evaluate your particular LFA problem and create and individually tailored method of treatment for you.  We explain how your property can be treated using proven methods designed to eliminate LFA infestations using products recommended by the Hawaii Ant Lab (HAL)  at the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture in treatments applied over a five month treatment period.